Our custom music boards help many teachers to communicate a wide range of musical concepts while increasing student engagement.

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Music Teacher Lessons is a ten-year-old business with 40+ years of professional music teaching. Music Teacher Lessons offers Online equipment, music tools, music training technics, and business strategies that will help music teachers and students succeed.  Check out our own designed magnet and dry erase Guitar, Cello, Ukelele,  and Grand Staff Music boards with permanent graphics.  They're great for online Zoom music lessons or for use in private lessons.

Benefits for Music Teachers

Music Teacher Lessons offers a wide range of videos training music teachers new to the industry to the more seasoned instructor. Videos offered teach how to set ups music school/studio, how to obtain and keep students, how to teach online, organizational necessities, needed equipment purchases, and how to use our visual tactile products designed to meet the multiple learning styles of students and designed for a variety of instruments: Cello, piano, guitar, voice, and more.